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informationsystems architecture
information management
development of informationsystems
international projects
O&I audits
evidence-based policymaking
Framework for Evidence-based Policy Making
An EU architecture of statistical informationsystems
Policymaking, measuring facts and statistics
Transparency in Policymaking and Statistics
Automated Datacapture using Internet
Stol Consult has over 25 years experience in the application of informationsystems in the public and private sector, with emphasis on the following services:

  • Information architecture: design of informationsystem architecture of enterprises or govenmental institutions, considering the organisation structure and culture as well as the ICT challenges.
  • Information management: management of design and implementation of informationsystem architecture.
  • Development of informationsystems: design and development of automated informationsystems and relevant organisation.
  • International projects: with the emphasis on (1) use of Internet in datacapture, (2) development of statistical informationsystems and (3) design of monitoring and evaluation systems to improve the transparency of policymaking.
  • O&I audits: audits on information architectures and informationsystems, O&I projects and programmes, and organisation of ICT departments.
  • Lectures: Universities (informationsystems design, information architecture, transparency in policymaking), International conferences (transparency in policymaking, Official Statistics, organisation of architecture of statistical information systems). 

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