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Stol Consult is the business name of Stol Beheer b.v. The company is founded 1987. It is located in the old center of Noordwijk in the Netherlands.
The objectives of the company are: Organisation and Informationsystems consultancy, project management, education in (statistical) informationsystems, evidence based policymaking and improving transparency in public policymaking.
Stol Consult has participated in research project of the EU and did research in information planning and data collection methods for statistical purposes. Stol Consult founded and participated in (1) Astorix b.v., development and exploitation of standard software for planning and administration for governmental offices, and (2) SuperCollect b.v., development of software systems for data capture via Internet.
Dr. ir. Hans R. Stol is the President of Stol Consult.
During the last 25 years many projects have been successfully completed, varying from informationplanning and information management to the development of informationsystems and auditing.
A selection of the customers in this period:
  • ING Bank, Amsterdam
  • Postbank, Leeuwarden
  • Statistics Netherlands, Voorburg/Heerlen
  • ISTAT, Rome
  • Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Hague
  • Panteia, Zoetermeer
  • University of Technology Delft, Delft
  • World Bank, Washington
Hans Stol obtained his doctor's degree in 2009. Humanities: "A Framework for Evidence-based Policy Making using IT" on January 20th, 2009, at the University of Tilburg.

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