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C.V. Hans Stol

dr. ir. Hans Rudi Stol was born in Leiden, the Netherland on the 9th of October 1947. In 1967 he received his diploma Gymnasium b at the Stedelijk Gymnasium in Breda. Thereafter he went to the Delft Univesity of Technology. He studied Mathematics, with a major in appplying Information Systems (graduation 1976). After his study he was appointed scientific employee for one year at the Delft University of Technology, in the Section of Prof. B.K. Brussaard, with focus on the devolopment of new methods and techniques for the design of databases and information systems.

From 1977 to 1981 he worked for two Financial Institutions: (1) assistant to the Board of Directors of the Eerste Hollandsche Levensverzekerings Bank (insurance company), with special assignment to improve the operational Information Systems and (2) as enterprise administrator in the Data Administration Group of the NMB-Bank (now ING), assigned to the architecture and implementation of large databases. 

From 1981 to 1986 he was Managing Director of Orga-Info Nederland, an Organisation & Information consultancy company. The core business of this company was Information Planning for Public and Private Sector. In this period he designed IS architectures for Ministries, Provinces, Municipalities, and for industrial and financial institutions.

He founded in 1987 his own consultancy company: Stol Consult. For Statistics Netherlands (CBS) he performed various assignments, from project leader of the introduction of the e-questionnaire on lap tops in the Labour Force Survey (1986) to the design of the information architecture (1986-1991) and the development of the organisation of the IT function (1991-1995). From 1990 to 1994 he was head of the ICT department of the CBS, during which period he was responsible for the reorganisation of the IT function. From 1995 to 1997 he was interim information manager in the Technical University of Delft, with assignment to redesign the Management Information Systems Architecture. As from 1998, he performed O&I and IT audits in various organisations.

In 2000, following international experiences in electronic data capture, he founded, together with his colleague Hans van Nek, SuperCollect b.v.. This company develops and exploits software systems for electronic data capture via Internet.

He contributed to international projects in the area of electronic data capture, policy impact analysis and the development of Monitoring and Evaluation Systems.
His experiences with the development and exploitation of statistical informationsystems at Statistics Netherlands, ISTAT and other Statistical Institutes in Europe, contributed to his vision that some methods of the Official Statistical System, especially on data collection, are very powerful to get unambiguous data, to be used for EBPM.

On February 20, 2009 Hans Stol obtained his doctor's degree at the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands. His dissertation explains the use of a framework to obtain evidence-based policy making.

In 2010 and 2011, he lectured at the University of Tilburg, and at congresses and conferences in Brussels, Cairo and Amman about transparency in policymaking and the role of official statistics and the media. Moreover he lectured on the use of cloud computing in the European Statistical System in Athens (Eurostat, Quality in Statistics 2012)

He was active member of the liberal party (VVD) in Delft from 1999 to 2003. He chaired the local political party in Delft “Leefbaar Delft” from 2003-2007. He was secretary of the VVD in Noordwijk from May 2010 until March 2012. The discussions on the responsibilities of the local administration versus those of the elected politicians contributed to his notion of the power of the politicians and the limitations of rationality in politics.

He founded in April 2012 the Transparency Challenge Foundation, with the aim to improve the transparency in policymaking.

Next to his professional carrier, he was involved in research, publishing, and education in Information Science, electronic data capture and transparency in public policymaking. 

The detailed curriculum vitae of Hans Stol may be found on his linkedin page http://nl.linkedin.com/pub/dr-ir-hans-r-stol/13/598/245

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