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informationsystems architecture

The information architectures designed by Stol Consult are always based on the activties of the organisation, the control of the activities and the objects that play a role in the informationsystems, relevant for the information architecture in question.

Information architectures (in the past also called: Informationplans) have been designed for the following organisations (not exhaustively):

  • Statistics Netherlands 
  • Government of Morocco (Monitoring and Evaluation System for the purpose of measuring the results of the ICT policy of the Government)
  • European Commission (Datacapture Information Systems, in order to lower the burden of enterprises)
  • EIM (currently: Panteia)
  • SKVR
  • Technical University of Delft (control and administrative systems)
  • RWS (currently: Ministry for Infrastructure and the Environment)
  • Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken (Ministry of Internal Affairs)
  • Ministerie van Economische Zaken (Ministry of Economical Affairs)
  • ING, NMB and Postbank


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